• May 4th 2023

AISI 1018 carbon steel is a mild, low-carbon steel with good machinability, weldability, and strength. It is often used for applications like shafts, gears, pins, and other general-purpose parts. If you are looking for an equivalent material, there are several options that can provide similar characteristics.

AISI 1018 steel equivalent material including follows

  • SAE 1018: AISI and SAE standards are often used interchangeably, so SAE 1018 is essentially the same as AISI 1018.
  • EN1A (BS 970-3): Also known as 230M07, this is a free-machining mild steel from the British Standard. It is a popular choice for applications that require good machinability.
  • EN 10277-2 Grade S235JRG2C: A European standard mild steel with similar properties to AISI 1018. It has good machinability, weldability, and moderate strength.
  • JIS S20C: A Japanese standard mild steel with comparable properties to AISI 1018, including good machinability, weldability, and strength.
  • GB 20: A Chinese standard mild steel that is equivalent to AISI 1018 in terms of chemical composition and mechanical properties.
  • DIN Ck22 (1.1151) or C22E (1.1151): German standard mild steels with similar properties to AISI 1018. These grades have good machinability, weldability, and strength.

Please note that while these materials are similar in properties, they may not be identical. Always consult with us to ensure the chosen material is suitable for your specific application.

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