1045 Carbon Steel is a medium carbon, medium tensile steel supplied as forged or normalized. This steel shows reasonable strength and toughness.  1045 Carbon Steel has good machinability qualities as well as serviceable welding qualities, whether in the rolled or normalized condition. Machinability is the ability to form the finished steel into a machined part.

Grade comparison

AISI 1045 Steel Equivalent Material

GB699AISIDINJISNF A35-501BS 4360ISO630/1052
  CK45 XC45060A47C45E4

Chemical Composition


Physical properties

GradeTensile strengthYield pointModulus of elasticityShear modulus (typical for steel)
1045585 MPa450 MPa200 GPa80 GPa


Medium carbon quenched and tempered structural steel is commonly used. The cold plasticity of this steel is average, and annealing and normalizing are slightly better than quenching and tempering. It has higher strength and better machinability.

After proper heat treatment, it can obtain certain toughness, plasticity and wear resistance. The source of the material convenient. Suitable for hydrogen welding and argon arc welding, not very suitable for gas welding. Preheating is required before welding, and stress relief annealing should be carried out after welding.

Normalizing can improve the cutting performance of rough with hardness less than 160HBS. After quenching and tempering, the comprehensive mechanical properties of this steel are better than those of other medium-carbon structural steels, but the hardenability of this steel is low, the critical hardening diameter in water is 12-17mm, and there is a tendency to crack during water quenching.

When the diameter is greater than 80mm, its mechanical properties are similar after quenching and tempering or normalizing, and higher strength and toughness can be obtained after quenching and tempering for medium and small mold parts. Blind rivet mandrel can be made


It can be used as one of the materials for manufacturing DIN 6883 - 1956 wedge keys; it can be used to manufacture bolts of M16 and below in grade 8.8 and 9.8, bolts of M22 and below in grade 10.9, nuts of grade 8, 9 and 10, washers of grade 300HV, See JC/T 5057.40-1995

This standard applies to hot-rolled and forged high-quality carbon structural steel bars with a nominal diameter or thickness not greater than 250mm. After negotiation between the supplier and the buyer, hot-rolled and forged high-quality carbon structural steel bars with a nominal diameter or thickness greater than 250mm can also be provided .

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