1144 Carbon Steel material is actually pretty cool, at least for steel. It is a higher-strength alloy than 1018 or A36, but in addition has improved ductility as well. The chief feature of 1144 steel, however, is that it has very low distortion or warpage after machining due to a combination of its chemistry, method of manufacture, and heat treatment. Finally, 1144 is relatively easy to machine, with a machinability rating of 83% of AISI 1212 steel.

1144 Carbon Steel Properties

Strength: 1144 carbon steel has moderate strength, making it suitable for applications that require moderate mechanical strength. It has a minimum tensile strength of 760 MPa and a minimum yield strength of 620 MPa.

Ductility: 1144 carbon steel has good ductility, which means that it can be easily formed and shaped without cracking or breaking. This property makes it ideal for applications that require complex shapes or designs.

Machinability: 1144 carbon steel has excellent machinability, which means that it can be easily machined using common machining techniques, such as turning, milling, and drilling. This property makes it ideal for applications that require precision machining.

Weldability: 1144 carbon steel is not recommended for welding due to its high sulfur content. If welding is required, preheating and post-weld heat treatment may be necessary to prevent cracking.

Magnetic Properties: 1144 carbon steel is magnetic, which makes it suitable for applications that require magnetic properties.

Hardness: 1144 carbon steel can be heat treated to improve its hardness and wear resistance. It can be hardened by quenching and tempering, which involves heating it to a high temperature and then cooling it rapidly in water or oil.


Iron (Fe)97.54 - 98.01%
Carbon (C)0.4 - 0.44%
Manganese (Mn)1.35 - 1.65%
Phosphorus (P)0.04% max
Sulfur (S)0.24 - 0.33%

Minimum Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength, psi115,000
Yield Strength, psi100,000
Rockwell HardnessB95 / C17


Pins, studs, bolts, shafts, tie rods, applications similar to those of 1045 when machinability is very important

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