Stainless Perforated Sheet

Stainless perforated sheet is a sheet metal that has been punched with a pattern of holes. It is made from stainless steel, which provides strength, corrosion resistance, and durability.

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Key Properties and Specifications of Stainless Perforated Sheet

Some key properties and specifications of stainless perforated sheet include:

• Material: Typically stainless steel alloys 304, 316 or 430. 304 is the most common. These alloys provide corrosion resistance and durability.

• Hole shapes: Round, square, slotted, diamond, etc. Round holes are most common. Hole shape and pattern can be customized according to needs.

• Hole sizes: Range from 0.05 inches to 1 inch in diameter. Smaller hole sizes provide more open area. Hole size depends on application needs.

• Open area: The percentage of holes versus sheet metal. Typically 15-75% open area. Higher open area means more holes and less metal. It depends on the hole size and pattern.

• Sheet thickness: Typically in the range of 16 to 12 gauge (0.06 inch to 0.11 inch). Thicker sheets can have smaller open area. Sheet thickness depends on application strength needs.

• Standard sheet sizes: 4 by 8 feet, 2 by 2 feet, etc. Can be cut to custom sizes.

• Finish: Mill finish, brushed, polished, etc. 2B mill finish is most common. Finish depends on decorative and sanitary needs.

Common Applications of Stainless Perforated Sheet

Some common applications of stainless perforated sheet include:

• Filtration: For air, liquid or light filtration. The perforations act as a filter.

• Architecture: For accents, ventilation, safety barriers, etc.

• Shielding: For EMI or acoustic shielding.

• Screens: Insects screens, privacy screens, etc.

• Decorative: Provides an industrial decorative look. Used for accents, partitions, etc.

• Safety: Used for skid resistance, traction and drainage.

• Ventilation: Provides airflow while blocking large particles. Used in HVAC systems, enclosures, etc.

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