410 stainless steel is the basic, general purpose martensitic stainless steel that is used for highly stressed parts and provides good corrosion resistance plus high strength and hardness. 410 stainless steel contains a minimum of 11.5% chromium which is just sufficient enough to demonstrate corrosion resistance properties in mild atmospheres, steam, and many mild chemical environments. It is a general purpose grade that is often supplied in the hardened but still machineable condition for applications where high strength and moderate heat and corrosion resistance are required. 410 stainless steel displays maximum corrosion resistance when it’s been hardened, tempered, and then polished.

410 Stainless Steel Properties

Corrosion Resistance: 410 stainless steel has moderate corrosion resistance. It can withstand exposure to water, mild acids, and other corrosive substances without corroding or rusting.

Strength: 410 stainless steel has high strength and hardness, making it ideal for applications that require high mechanical strength. It has a minimum tensile strength of 450 MPa and a minimum yield strength of 205 MPa.

Ductility: 410 stainless steel has moderate ductility, which means that it can be formed and shaped, but not as easily as other types of stainless steel. This property makes it suitable for applications that require moderate ductility.

Weldability: 410 stainless steel is easily weldable, but it may require preheating to prevent cracking. It can be welded using common welding techniques, such as TIG, MIG, and resistance welding.

Magnetic Properties: 410 stainless steel is magnetic, which makes it suitable for applications that require magnetic properties.

Heat Resistance: 410 stainless steel has good heat resistance and can withstand moderately high temperatures without losing its strength or corrosion resistance. It can withstand temperatures up to 650°C (1200°F) without undergoing any significant change in its properties.

Chemical Compsition

410 Stainless Steel Chemical Compsition Wt.%

S41000410 (1Cr13)0.08-0.1510.040.03111.5-13.50.75


Applications requiring moderate corrosion resistance and high mechanical properties are ideal for 410 stainless steel. Examples of applications that frequently used 410 stainless steel include:

  • Cutlery
  • Steam and gas turbine blades
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Bolts, nuts, screws
  • Pump and valve parts and shafts
  • Mine ladder rugs
  • Dental and surgical instruments
  • Nozzles
  • Hardened steel balls and seats for oil well pumps

What Stainless Steel Grades We Have!

Qinghe Steel is a full line supplier and processer of 410 stainless steel coil, sheet, plate, bar, and strip products. We stock many grades of stainless steel, including 300 and 400 series stainless, annealed and in various tempers and high temperature grades, for shipments worldwide. View our steel center here

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