• December 13th 2023

Here is an example of a 1018 pipe application that is commonly seen:

Municipal Water Lines - Many communities and developments use 1018 carbon steel pipe to create an underground water distribution system throughout a neighborhood. With its weldability and low-cost, 1018 is well-suited for these types of projects.

The steel pipe is available in longer 20' joints to minimize trenches and couplings needed. Diameters typically range from 2-8" to carry potable water at moderate pressures. Sch. 40 wall thickness ensures the 1018 pipe has sufficient strength for its underground installation.

Contractors will receive pipe in these standard sizes to ASTM A53 specifications for quality assurance. In the field, workers cut lengths as needed and weld joints using coatings like primer to protect against corrosion. Proper bedding and backfill is required during the installation process as well.

Once complete, the 1018 pipe network reliably delivers water throughout the area for consumption and fire protection. Its flexibility allows for the bending radiuses needed to snake the lines around obstacles. Periodic inspections and repairs can keep the system operational for many decades.

Let me know if you need any other details on this common application for 1018 carbon steel water distribution pipe. Please reach out if you have a similar project where I could assist further.

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