• December 20th 2023

As a project manager at Titan Manufacturing, Robert was always looking for ways to modernize their facilities. When presenting plans for a new production line, he specified liberal use of grade 301 stainless steel.

The line would convey raw minerals through a series of crushing, screening and sorting operations. 301's strength and formability allowed intricate vibrating chutes and particle separators to be fabricated.

More importantly, its rust-resistant properties were critical. Harsh minerals and occasional water intrusion could spell disaster for standard steels. But Titan's new line featured gleaming 301 hoppers, conveyor frames and structural supports impervious to the environment.

Over the ensuing years, the line operated with minimal downtime. While other facilities battled oxidation and cracking, Titan simply washed down surfaces as needed. Not a spot of corrosion ever appeared on the 301 alloys.

Their output exponentially increased, keeping Titan at the forefront of industry. Employees took pride that the same gleaming steel heart pulsing through production today was there at the beginning - a testament to the enduring quality and productivity enabled by Robert's far-sighted choice of grade 301 stainless.

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