• May 5th 2023

AISI 1020 carbon steel is a low carbon steel with carbon content of 0.18-0.23%. It has good machinability and ductility, and is often used for general purpose applications.

Some equivalent materials for AISI 1020 carbon steel

SAE AISI 1020 - Same as AISI 1020 steel. It is a common hot rolled steel.

C1020 - Very similar to AISI 1020. It meets ASTM A29 specifications.

S20C - A Japanese equivalent. It has carbon content of 0.18-0.24% and manganese 0.6-0.85%.

1.0402 - The European equivalent steel grade. It has similar chemical composition and mechanical properties.

RSt34-2 - The German standard with comparable properties.

SAE J403 Grade 1015 - Has lower carbon content of 0.13-0.18% resulting in slightly lower strength than AISI 1020.

SAE J403 Grade 1025 - Higher carbon steel with 0.22-0.28% carbon for higher strength. Lower ductility.

The key properties of AISI 1020 steel

• Carbon content: 0.18-0.23%

• Manganese content: 0.3-0.6%

• Yield strength: 365 MPa

• Tensile strength: 490 MPa

• Elongation: 25-35%

• Hardness: 149 HB

• Impact strength: 80 J

In Summary

Any low carbon steel with 0.18-0.23% carbon and 0.3-0.6% manganese can be considered equivalent to AISI 1020 steel. The exact specifications will depend on the standards of different countries and grades. But they will have very similar mechanical and chemical properties to AISI 1020 steel. Always consult with us to ensure the chosen material is suitable for your specific application.