1065 Steel Supply


1065 carbon steel is used to manufacture elements of high strength and wear resistance, operating under friction with high vibration and static loads. It is made fully in accordance with the ASTM A510/A510M, ASTM A713/A713M and SAE J403 standards and other regulatory documents.

Chemical Composition


Grade comparison

AISI 1065 Steel Equivalent Material

GB699AISIDINJISNF A35-501BS 4360ISO630/1052
651064C67 C65060A67 
 1065CK67 XC65 


1. It has high strength and elasticity after heat treatment or cold work hardening. , poor weldability, easy to form cracks, not suitable for welding, poor machinability, low cold deformation plasticity, poor hardenability, oil quenching is generally used, large cross-section parts are water quenched and oil cooled, or normalized. Its characteristic is that its fatigue strength can be equivalent to that of alloy spring steel under the same configuration.

2. 65 steel is used to manufacture springs, spring rings, various washers, clutches, and shafts, rolls, and eccentric shafts in general machinery.

3. This standard applies to high-quality carbon structural steel bars with a diameter or thickness not greater than 250mm. After negotiation between the supplier and the buyer, high-quality carbon structural steel bars with a diameter or thickness greater than 250mm can also be provided.

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