1070 Steel Supply


1070 Carbon Steel is a high carbon steel alloy that contains approximately 0.70% carbon by weight. It is commonly used in the production of blades, particularly in swords and knives, due to its ability to hold a sharp edge and its durability. 1070 Carbon Steel is a popular choice among knife makers and blacksmiths due to its toughness and resistance to wear and tear. It is also known for its ease of use and affordability compared to other high-end steels.

Chemical Composition


Grade comparison

GB699AISIDINJISNF A35-501BS 4360ISO630/1052
701069C70 C70060A72 
 1070CK70 XC70070A72 

AISI 1070 Steel Equivalent Material


1. The performance of No. 70 steel is similar to that of No. 65 steel, and its elasticity and strength are slightly higher. No. 70 steel is suitable for manufacturing round and square coil springs on general machines with small cross-sections and low strength requirements, such as automobiles, tractors or Flat leaf springs and circular coil springs that withstand vibrations in machinery such as trains.

2. This standard applies to high-quality carbon structural steel bars with a diameter or thickness not greater than 250mm. After negotiation between the supplier and the buyer, high-quality carbon structural steel bars with a diameter or thickness greater than 250mm can also be provided.

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