8620 Steel Supply

8620 is a medium carbon steel with 0.2% to 0.25% carbon content. It has good strength and hardness with moderate ductility.

The main alloying elements in 8620 steel are carbon, manganese and silicon. Phosphorus and sulfur levels are usually kept low to maximize properties.

8620 steel has a tensile strength ranging from 120 to 200 ksi, depending on heat treatment and other processing. It can be hardened and tempered to achieve different combinations of strength, hardness and toughness.

This grade of carbon steel is often used for parts that require good wear resistance, as the higher carbon content contributes to hardness. It is suitable for machined components, shafts, and other applications where durability is important.

8620 carbon steel responds well to austempering heat treatment which imparts distinctive properties like high retained austenite and excellent impact resistance. This makes it useful for automotive and off-road equipment parts.

Due to its medium carbon content, 8620 steel has fairly good weldability. Preheating is recommended for thicker sections to avoid cracking during welding and subsequent heat treatment may be performed. As a carbon steel, 8620 has less corrosion resistance than alloy steels and requires protective coatings for outdoor applications.

Chemistry Information

C0.18 - 0.23
Cr0.4 - 0.6
Fe96.9 - 98.02
Mn0.7 - 0.9
Mo0.15 - 0.25
Ni0.4 - 0.7
P0.035 max
Si0.15 - 0.35
S0.04 max

Physical Properties 8620

Density0.284 lb/in3
Ultimate Tensile Strength92 ksi
Yield Tensile Strength52 ksi
Shear Strength59 ksi
Shear Modulus11.6 ksi
Hardness Rockwell | BrinellB89 | 183
Elongation at Break Percentage26%
Modulus of Elasticity30,000 ksi
Reduction of Area Percentage60%
Poisson's Ratio0.29
Machinability Percentage65%
Melting Point2,580-2,650 °F
Specific Heat1.14 x 10^-1 BTU/lb-°F
Thermal Conductivity323 BTU-in/hr-ft^2-°F


Gears, crankshafts, gear rings

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