• December 20th 2023

Here is a Comprehensive FAQ Guide on 1030 carbon steel coil:

What are the main benefits of 1030 coil?
Coiling allows efficient transport and processing into sheets for stamping, bending, cutting and more with minimal waste.

What gauges are commonly available?
Thickness range from 24-11 gauge or 0.017-0.134". Thinner special orders may be possible with minimum footage requirements.

What are the standard coil sizes?
Widths are 48-72 inches, lengths usually 25-50 feet. Shorter/narrower gauges also available to suit unique job requirements.

Are additional treatments offered?
Coils can be oiled or provided with corrosion-inhibiting coatings for outdoor exposure during transport or construction.

How is 1030 coil typically processed?
Common methods include uncoiling, leveling, cut-to-size, laser cutting, stamping, forming, and edge trimming depending on the intended part profiles.

Please let me know if you need any other information as you evaluate 1030 coil for your application. I'm happy to brainstorm suitable usages or discuss specifications in more detail.

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