• December 20th 2023

Here is a COMPREHENSIVE FAQ GUIDE on 1030 carbon steel plate and sheet:

What is 1030 steel?
AISI 1030 contains 0.28-0.33% carbon, increasing its strength over 1020 while maintaining workability.

What forms and sizes are available?
Plate: to 4" thickness in cut lengths. Sheet: widths 18-24", thicknesses from 18 gauge to 1/4". Gauges down to 0.0149" are possible.

How does it compare to other grades?
Provides higher strength than 1018 or 1020 with moderate machinability. Strength is balanced between formability and weldability.

Common applications?
Fabrication, equipment, light structural, welded pressure vessels. Also used in off-highway vehicles, agricultural, transportation and general construction.

Specifications and testing?
Meets ASTM A569 standards. Supplied with certified chemical analysis and mechanical properties testing reports.

Please contact me if you need help selecting the appropriate 1030 plate/sheet size for your project or have additional technical questions. I'm here to advise on any application needs.