• December 18th 2023

Let me introduce the guide to focus specifically on 1020 coils:

What are the benefits of 1020 coil?
Coiling allows efficient transport and processing of sheets. Tight tolerances within the coil reduce waste in stamping, bending and cutting applications.

What gauges are available?
Common thicknesses range from 24-11 gauge or 0.017-0.12". Special orders outside this can often be produced with minimums depending on capacity.

What are the standard sizes?
Coils typically range 48-72" in width by 25-50' long, though shorter and narrower custom sizes exist as needed.

Are additional coatings or finishes options?
Oiling is standard but pre-treatment and paint options provide added corrosion protection on exposed surfaces during transport or installation.

How is 1020 coil processed?
Coils can be uncoiled, leveled, cut-to-size, laser cut, stamped, formed or edge trimmed in a variety of manufacturing processes.

Please let me know if any other details would be helpful as you consider 1020 medium carbon steel coil for an application or story. I'm happy to discuss potential usages or expand on topics you find most interesting.