• December 19th 2023

Let me introduce the guide to focus specifically on 1020 pipes:

What are the common sizes/wall thicknesses?
1020 pipe is available from 1/8” to 16” diameter and schedules 5-160 depending on pressure rating needs. Thicknesses range from 0.134”-4”.

How is it manufactured?
Pipe production starts with hot rolled coils which are hydrostatically formed into a cylindrical shape and certified welded-seam.

Are linings/coatings available?
Galvanizing, epoxy coating and stainless steel or polymer linings add protection for demanding conditions.

What testings and certifications?
Meets ASTM A53 standards. Pressure testing, dimensional checks and chemical analysis reports provided.

How does it compare to other materials?
1020 offers more strength than lower grades with comparable workability to high yield pipe. Less expensive than stainless or alloy alternatives.

Common applications?
Underground utilities, fencing, railing, irrigation, smaller bore process piping, and structural support where moderate strength is required.

Please contact me if you need help selecting the right size/spec 1020 pipe or have additional questions as your project develops! I'd be happy to discuss potential uses or opportunities further.