• December 17th 2023

Here is a FAQ guide on AISI 1020 medium carbon steel plate and sheet:

What is 1020 steel?
AISI 1020 is a medium carbon steel containing 0.18-0.25% carbon. It offers improved strength over lower grades while maintaining good machinability.

What forms and sizes?
Plates are available cut-to-size or sheared edges in thicknesses up to 4". Sheets range from 18-24" widths in gauges as thin as 0.0157".

How does it compare to 1018?
1020 has higher strength but slightly lower formability. With more carbon, it also faces minor reductions in weldability and corrosion resistance.

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What are common applications?
Equipment fabrication, lightweight structural, agricultural machinery, pressure vessels, commercial construction and more utilize 1020’s balanced profile of workability and strength.

Specifications and testing?
All conforms to AISI standards and is supplied with certified chemical/physical reports. Contact me for samples, technical data or project consultation using 1020 steel.

Please contact me with any other questions! I'd be glad to expand on areas of the guide or discuss potential story ideas involving AISI 1020 medium carbon steel.