• December 1st 2023

Here is the comprehensive FAQ guide for your AISI 1040 Medium Carbon Steel Coils:

How does 1040 coil compare to 1045?
At 0.40% carbon, 1040 can reach slightly higher hardness but has less ductility than 1045 if heat treated. Its strength properties are also higher while formability is similar.

What specifications are available?
Standard 1040 coil is produced in thicknesses from 0.0312"-0.25" and widths up to 96". Coils weigh typically 3,000-25,000 lbs on diameters of 24-40".

How can 1040 coil be heat treated?
It can be hardened to RC 40-48 by heating to 1550-1650°F and oil quenching. Proper tempering then allows controlling the hardness-toughness balance.

What certifications and tests are conducted?
All 1040 steel meets ASTM A1011 standards and receives certifications of chemistry, tensile strengths and more to ensure quality meets specs. Tight dimensional checks are also performed.

What industries utilize 1040 coil?
Common uses include low-to-medium strength applications in automotive, agricultural, construction and machinery where forming operations and optional heat treating are required.

Please let me know if you need samples, data sheets or have additional questions! I'm happy to help specify 1040 for your specific fabrication or manufacturing needs.

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