• December 3rd 2023

Here is the comprehensive FAQ guide for your 1040 Medium Carbon Steel Pipe:

What are the main advantages of 1040 pipe?
At 0.40% carbon, 1040 pipe provides greater strength than low-carbon grades with similar workability. It maintains good weldability and can be heat treated to increase hardness if needed.

What specifications are available?
We stock 1040 pipe in Sch. 10-80 in diameters from 1/2" to 16" and standard 20' lengths. Wall thickness range from 0.134"-4". Custom sizes are also possible.

How does 1040 compare to other pipe grades?
While slightly stronger than similar 1045, it has better machinability than alloy steels. 1040 pipe offers a balance of attributes for construction and general conveying where pressure handling is required.

What certifications and testing is conducted?
All 1040 pipe is produced to ASTM A53 standards and receives dimensional checks, hydrotests and material certifications to ensure quality meets specifications.

What industries utilize 1040 pipe?
Typical uses include low-pressure water, gas and air lines for infrastructure, machinery, agriculture and more. It can also be used structurally when requiring threaded joints or forming.

Please let me know if any other details would help you specify 1040 pipe for your application! I'm happy to provide samples, lead times or discuss options further.