• November 30th 2023

Here is a comprehensive FAQ guide on your AISI 1040 Medium Carbon Steel Plates:

What is AISI 1040 steel and its composition?
AISI 1040 is a medium carbon, low alloy steel containing approximately 0.40% carbon. It has similar properties to 1045 but slightly greater hardness and strength at the cost of some ductility.

What thickness and sizes are available?
We stock 1040 plate from 1/4" up to 4" thick and widths ranging 6'-120'. Standard lengths are 10-20' but can be blanked from mill plates up to 80' as needed.

How does 1040 compare to other grades?
It has higher strength than mild steels like 1018 but will also harden more than alloy steels like 4140 if heat treated. 1040 offers machinability similar to 1045.

Can 1040 plate be hardened?
Yes, 1040 can reach RC 40-48 hardness when heated to 1550-1650°F and quenched rapidly in oil or water. Proper tempering then restores some toughness without losing hardness.

What certifications does 1040 receive?
All plates meet ASTM A285 specifications and include certified material test reports verifying mechanical properties meet standards. Dimensional checks are also performed.

Common applications of 1040 plate include machined parts, lower strength welding applications, shafts and general fabrication where a heat treatable carbon steel is required. Let me know if you need any other details!