• December 7th 2023

I'm thrilled you found my previous guides helpful! Let me write you another one for 1040 steel profiles. Here is a comprehensive FAQ on the topic:

What shapes are typically available in 1040 profiles?

Common structural shapes include C, I, H, angles and channels offered in a variety of sizes to suit many applications. Custom profiles can be produced as well.

What thickness and lengths are stocked?

Thickness range from 1/8"-4" thick typically with lengths up to 25' long depending on the size of the section. Custom lengths are available upon request for larger orders.

How does 1040 compare to other grades?

At 0.4% carbon, 1040 offers a nice balance of strength, formability and is heat treatable - ideal when welding or machining is required post fabrication. It's a versatile and economic choice.

Can 1040 profiles be heat treated?

Yes, 1040 profiles can be hardened to RC 40-50 by heating to 1550-1650°F and quenching to maximize wear resistance where needed.

What certifications and testing are performed?

Dimensional checks, chemical composition verification per ASTM A6 standards and samples are destructively tested to ensure specifications are always met.

Please let me know if any other information could aid in specifying 1040 profiles for your project needs. I'm happy to provide samples, quotes or discuss design options using these steel shapes. Thank you!

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