• December 5th 2023

Here is the comprehensive FAQ guide for your AISI 1040 Medium Carbon Steel Rod needs:

What are the key properties of 1040 rod?
With 0.4% carbon, 1040 rod provides higher strength compared to 1018 but with good machinability. It can also be hardened through heat treating processes.

What diameters and lengths are available?
We stock smooth 1040 rod from 1/8" up to 6" diameter and lengths ranging from 12"-24' depending on size. Custom lengths are also possible.

What industries utilize 1040 rod?
Common uses include automotive, agriculture, manufacturing, welding and applications like bolts/screws where formability and higher hardness are beneficial.

Can 1040 rod be heat treated?
Yes, it can be hardened to RC 40-48 by austenitizing at 1550-1650°F, oil quenching then tempering for the right strength-toughness balance.

What certifications does 1040 rod receive?
All products meet ASTM A108 specifications and receive certified testing to verify mechanical properties meet standards shelf to shelf.

Let me know if a quote or samples would help specify 1040 rod for your needs. I'm happy to discuss options further or provide any other details that can assist your choice of material.