• November 28th 2023

Here is a comprehensive FAQ guide about your AISI 1045 Medium Carbon Steel Bar:

What are the key characteristics of 1045 bar stock?
With approximately 0.45% carbon, 1045 bar provides strength along with good machinability. It can reach minimum yield strengths from 58-80 ksi depending on size.

What sizes and lengths are available?
We stock 1045 round, square, hex, flat, angle and channel bar in diameters/dimensions from 1/8" to 6". Standard lengths are 12'-24' but custom bars can be cut-to-size.

What industries does 1045 bar support?
Common uses are general fabrication, automotive, agricultural, construction and transportation where forming, cutting or wear resistance are needed. It also sees use asaxles, pins, hardware and more.

Does 1045 bar support heat treating?
Yes, 1045 is typically hardened by austenitizing around 1650-1750°F, then oil or water quenching. Proper tempering brings the hardness range to RC 40-55 while maintaining good toughness.

What certifications and testing are provided?
All 1045 bars comply with ASTM A29 specifications and receive certified reports to validate metallurgical and mechanical properties are as specified for quality assurance.

Please contact me if any additional details would help you specify 1045 medium carbon steel bar stock for your application needs. I'm happy to provide samples, quotes or discuss options further.

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