• November 26th 2023

Here is the FAQ guide for 1045 medium carbon steel coil:

What are the key benefits of 1045 coil?
1045 coil offers formability, weldability and machinability in a cost-effective grade. The carbon content of 0.45% provides strength without brittleness. Warm forming capabilities make 1045 coil suitable for complex bending and stamping.

What are common 1045 coil specifications?
Standard offering includes diameters of 24"-40" and thicknesses ranging 0.0375"-0.25". Coils weigh 3,000-25,000 lbs and lengths up to 1000 feet. Surfaces include pickled and oiled, and we can supply in cut lengths or slit coil sheets.

How can 1045 coil be heat treated?
1045 can be hardened through austenitizing at 1550-1650°F then oil or water quenching. This achieves RC 40-50. Tempering at 300-550°F restores toughness. Proper heat treat processes are key due to carbon content.

What certifications do 1045 coils have?
All 1045 steel conforms to ASTM A568 standards and receives certs verifying chemistry, tensile strength and other properties. Material test reports guarantee composition. Coils are produced in-house for traceability and quality assurance.

What industries use 1045 coil?
Common applications include general machinery, automotive, agricultural equipment and transportation where formability, joining and machining are important. Fabricators favor 1045's workability for prototypes and low-to-medium volumes.

Please let me know if you need a quotation, samples or have additional questions! I'm here to help specify the right 1045 coil for your needs.