• November 29th 2023

Here is a comprehensive guide to your AISI 1045 Medium Carbon Steel Profiles:

What shapes and sizes are available in 1045 profiles?
We offer standard "C", "I", "T", "L", "H", "Angle" and "Channel" profiles in 1045 steel. Common dimensions range 2"-12" tall/wide x 1/8"-4" thick, up to 50' lengths. Custom sizes are available upon request.

What properties make 1045 profiles suitable?
With 0.45% carbon, 1045 is able to be hardened through heat treating while also providing good formability and machinability. It is stronger than low-carbon grades yet more workable than alloy profiles.

How do 1045 profiles compare to other carbon steels?
It offers a balance of attributes, with strength and formability in between 1018 and 4140 alloys. Its weldability makes joining sections straightforward for fabricators.

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What certifications and testing do profiles receive?
We certify all 1045 profiles comply with ASTM A6 specifications and verify dimensions and steel chemistry through in-house metallurgical testing. Reports are available for quality control purposes.

What applications are 1045 profiles commonly used for?
Structural beams, machine frames, containers, agriculture equipment, construction and general fabrication where a stock item is needed requiring minimal processing other than forming or cutting.

Please let me know if you need any samples, data sheets, or have additional questions!