• December 14th 2023

Here is a comprehensive guide for your 1018 Carbon Steel bar needs:

What is 1018 steel and its composition?
With a max carbon of 0.18%, 1018 bar offers improved machining ability compared to lower grades. It also has better strength than 1010.

Sizes available?
We stock 1018 bar rounds from 1/8" up to 8" diameter as well as squares, flats, hex and other shapes. Lengths range from 12"-20' depending on size.

How does 1018 compare to other grades?
Formability is better than higher carbon 1020/1022 but not quite as strong. It maintains good ductility for spinning, bending or other secondary machining.

Specifications and certifications?
All 1018 bar meets ASTM A108 for compositional and mechanical requirements. Certification reports including analyses are available.

Common applications involve general machining, rivets, shafts, automotive fasteners and other parts where a moderate strength steel is needed with emphasis on machinability. Let me know if you need any other details!