• December 11th 2023

Here is an informative guide for your 1018 Carbon Steel Coil needs:

What is 1018 steel & its composition?
With a carbon content under 0.18%, 1018 coil provides good ductility and machinability for forming/stamping. Other alloying elements include Mn, Si, S.

What coil sizes are stocked?
Standard sizes are 0.018"-0.250" thick by widths up to 84" wide. Coil ID's range from 18-40" in diameters holding 10,000-30,000 lbs each.

How does 1018 compare to other grades?
While weaker than 1020/1022, 1018 forms more easily with similar corrosion resistance. It offers weldability for structural fabrication as well.

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What specifications and certifications apply?
All 1018 coil meets ASTM A1008 for compositional and mechanicals requirements. Certifications available upon request.

With competitive pricing and delivery, 1018 coil is well-suited for machine components, auto/HVAC industries, electrical enclosures and more where stamping/forming low-carbon steel is required. Let me know if you need any other details!