• December 12th 2023

Here is a guide for your 1018 Carbon Steel Pipe needs:

What is 1018 steel and its applications for pipe?
With 0.18% max carbon, 1018 pipe has good formability for production but strength limitations. Used in conveying, low pressure lines, structural.

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Sizes and specifications available?
We stock Sch. 10-80 pipe in diameters from 1/2"-30" in 20' lengths to ASTM A53 Grade A. Other options like galvanizing are available.

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How does 1018 pipe compare to other grades?
Similar strength to 1020 but better flexibility for bending. Not as strong as 1030 or higher grades but offers weldability at low cost.

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What certifications does 1018 receive?
All 1018 pipe is dimensionally inspected and receives paperwork including material test reports, hydrotest certs, chemical analyses etc.

Let me know if you need assistance selecting the right OD, wall, lengths or other details for your 1018 pipe application. Feel free to contact me with any other questions!