• December 10th 2023

Here is a comprehensive guide for your 1018 Carbon Steel Plate needs:

What is 1018 steel & its composition?
1018 is a low carbon steel with 0.18% carbon max. Low carbon provides good formability but mild strength. Other common alloying elements include Mn, Si, P, S.

What thicknesses & sizes are available?
We stock 1018 plate in thicknesses ranging from 1/8" up to 4" thick by widths of 6’-14’. Standard lengths are 10-20' but can be cut to size as needed.

How does 1018 compare to other grades?
With low carbon, it has better formability than 1020/1026 but less strength. 1018 offers good weldability & machinability for general purpose use.

What certifications does 1018 receive?
All plate meets ASTM A283 Gr C specifications and receives certified test reports analyzing chemical composition & mechanical properties.

Common applications include pressure vessel & tank fabrication, chutes, liners, mild structural & many general fabricating uses where welding or forming is required of a low strength steel. Let me know if any other details would be helpful!

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