• December 16th 2023

Here is Comprehensive FAQ Guide about ASTM 1018 Carbon Steel Profile for your reference:

What shapes are available?
Common structural 1018 profiles include C, I, H, angles and channels in various sizes. Both hot rolled and cold finished options exist.

What thickness and lengths?
Profiles range from 1/8"-4" thick typically with lengths up to 25' depending on the shape. Custom sizes can be produced as well.

How does 1018 compare to other grades?
Its machining advantage over lower grades makes 1018 a versatile choice. The lower carbon content provides more formability than higher grades if shaping is required.

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Certifications and testing?
All 1018 profiles meet ASTM A6 standards and receive certified reports on chemical analyses and mechanical properties to ensure quality.

With the ability to machine, form or weld 1018 profiles, they see wide application from truck trailer components to general industrial structures and more. Let me know if you need samples, a quote or have additional questions!