• November 10th 2023

As a leading manufacturer of coated building products, Qinghe Steel understands what customers require—high-performance solutions backed by quality and service. Our color-coated corrugated steel sheets excel in demanding construction applications thanks to premium materials and proven production systems.

What Makes Our Sheets Ideal?

A corrosion-resistant zinc-aluminum alloy coating provides long-lasting protection on steel substrates. Strict controls ensure coating weights meet or surpass standards to resist weathering for decades. Post-painting, a top-layer resin coating is applied and baked on, delivering a durable, fade-resistant color finish guaranteed to retain vibrancy for years.

Beyond aesthetics, functional advantages include high strength-to-weight ratios for easy installation. Chemical bonding of coatings to steel creates a seamless protective layer impervious to corrosion or cracks from handling. Rigid, monolithic sheets install promptly to cut timelines and costs.

Providing for All Your Needs

From warehouses to industrial facilities, our sheets lend architectural appeal paired with defense against moisture and impact damage. Complete custom color matches suit any architectural vision. Long run lengths up to 30 feet keep waste and seams to a minimum. Standard profiles or multi-hundred-ton press capacities offer specialized corrugations for any roofing or siding application.

Backed by Industry Experts

With many years of experience, we expertly guide projects from concept to completion. Commitment to quality and service delivers your vision on time and on budget.

Discover why construction professionals worldwide trust our color-coated steel sheets to beautify and protect. Partner with the specialists at Qinghe Steel for innovative building envelope solutions.