• May 6th 2023

The steel plates of the Australian client are being loaded into the cabinet

The plates we supply

Stainless Steel Sheet Plate

Stainless steel sheet plate surface is bright and clean, have higher plasticity toughness and mechanical strength, acid and alkali corrosion of gas solution, and other media. It is a kind of not easy rusty steel. stainless steel plate is refers to the atmospheric steam and water resistance and other weak medium corrosion of steel.

Galvanized Steel Plate and Sheet

Galvanized steel sheets and plates are intended for use where greater corrosion protection is required without painting. Qinghe Steel stocks many sizes in precut sizes, full mill sizes or we can hot dip virtually any size and quantity required for your welding or construction project.

Carbon Steel Sheet and Plate

Carbon steel blanks, flats, bars, plates and sheet stock from Qinghe Steel come in a variety of widths, lengths and thicknesses for your industrial applications. Uses range from machined parts, to cutting blades and knives, structural applications in construction, punches, dies, springs, and more.

Color-coated Corrugated Steel Sheet

Qinghe Steel's color-coated corrugated steel sheets are a durable, cost-effective, and attractive roofing and cladding solution for various applications.