• January 21st 2024

Here are some steel companies in Malaysia that may be involved in the production of stainless steel coils:

Ann Joo Resources Berhad:

Overview: Ann Joo is one of the leading steel producers in Malaysia. While their primary focus is on the production of steel products, it's worth checking whether they manufacture stainless steel coils.

Southern Steel Berhad:

Overview: Southern Steel is a major player in the Malaysian steel industry. They produce a variety of steel products, and it's advisable to verify whether they are involved in stainless steel coil manufacturing.

Mycron Steel Berhad:

Overview: Mycron Steel is known for its involvement in the steel industry in Malaysia. They may be involved in the production of cold-rolled steel, including stainless steel coils.

Lion Industries Corporation Berhad:

Overview: Lion Industries is involved in various industries, including steel. While their focus may be on other types of steel, it's worth checking whether they produce stainless steel coils.

Yusen Steel Sdn Bhd:

Overview: Yusen Steel is a steel manufacturing company in Malaysia. They may be involved in the production of various steel products, including stainless steel coils.

Please note that the availability of detailed information on stainless steel coil production for specific companies may require direct contact with the companies or industry insiders.

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