• January 10th 2024

We provide you with a list of some key players in the steel industry that may produce PPGI coils or related products in Myanmar. Always conduct thorough research and consider your specific needs before selecting a manufacturer. Here are six companies in the steel industry that may have a presence in Myanmar:

Myanmar C.P. Livestock Co., Ltd.

Myanmar C.P. Livestock is part of the Charoen Pokphand Group, and they are involved in various industries, including steel. They may have products like PPGI coils within their portfolio.

Myanmar Japan Thilawa Development Co., Ltd.

This company is involved in the Thilawa Special Economic Zone in Myanmar, and it may host steel-related industries, including those producing PPGI.

Zaykabar Company Limited

Zaykabar is a conglomerate in Myanmar with diverse business interests. They may have involvement in industries that produce coated steel products like PPGI.

Htoo Group of Companies

Htoo Group is a major conglomerate in Myanmar with interests in various sectors. They may have affiliations with companies involved in steel production.

Myanmar Economic Corporation (MEC)

MEC is a state-owned economic enterprise in Myanmar that has operations in different sectors, including steel. They may be involved in producing coated steel products.

Asia General Electric Company Limited

Asia General Electric is involved in various industries, and they may have affiliations or partnerships with companies in Myanmar's steel sector, potentially producing PPGI coils.

When looking for PPGI manufacturers in Myanmar, it's essential to explore local business directories, industry associations, and trade fairs for the most up-to-date information.  The pre painted galvanized steel price changes every day. If you are looking for PPGI coil products, we advise you to place your order as soon as possible from a reliable supplier. Qinghe Steel is an industrial and trade company so that we can offer you a direct sale price. Welcome to contact us for today's price!