• January 11th 2024

We provide you with a list of some well-known steel manufacturers that are recognized for producing PPGI coils in Taiwan. Always conduct thorough research and consider your specific needs before selecting a manufacturer. Here are six PPGI coil manufacturers that may have a presence in Taiwan:

China Steel Corporation (CSC)

China Steel Corporation is one of the largest steel producers in Taiwan, and they offer a wide range of steel products, including coated steel such as PPGI.

Yieh Phui (China) Technomaterial Co., Ltd.

Yieh Phui (China) Technomaterial is a subsidiary of the Yieh Phui Group, and they are involved in the production of coated steel products, including PPGI coils.

Yieh Corp.

Yieh Corp. is a leading steel manufacturer in Taiwan, and they produce a variety of steel products, including coated steel like PPGI.

Yieh United Steel Corporation

Yieh United Steel is part of the Yieh Group, and they are engaged in the manufacturing and distribution of various steel products, including coated steel.

Feng Hsin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.

Feng Hsin Iron & Steel is a Taiwanese steel company that produces and sells a range of steel products, and they may include PPGI coils in their product offerings.

Sheng Yu Steel Co., Ltd.

Sheng Yu Steel is a company based in Taiwan that specializes in the production and distribution of steel products, and they may offer PPGI coils.

When choosing a PPGI coil manufacturer, consider factors such as product quality, certifications, production capacity, and customer reviews. The pre painted galvanized steel price changes every day. If you are looking for PPGI coil products, we advise you to place your order as soon as possible from a reliable supplier. Qinghe Steel is an industrial and trade company so that we can offer you a direct sale price. Welcome to contact us for today's price!