• January 12th 2024

We provide you with a list of some well-known steel manufacturers that are recognized for producing PPGI coils in Turkey. Always conduct thorough research and consider your specific needs before selecting a manufacturer. Here are six PPGI coil manufacturers that may have a presence in Turkey:

Colakoglu Metalurji A.S.

Colakoglu Metalurji is one of the largest steel producers in Turkey, and they are known for manufacturing a variety of steel products, including coated steel such as PPGI.


Erdemir is another major steel producer in Turkey, offering a wide range of steel products. They may produce PPGI coils as part of their product portfolio.

Cengiz Metal

Cengiz Metal is a Turkish steel company that produces various steel products, and they may include PPGI coils in their offerings.

Yildiz Demir Celik A.S.

Yildiz Demir Celik is a steel manufacturing company in Turkey, and they may be involved in the production of PPGI coils.

MMK Metalurji Sanayi A.S.

MMK Metalurji is a Turkish company engaged in the production of flat steel products, and they may offer PPGI coils.

Icdas Celik Enerji Tersane ve Ulasim Sanayi A.S.

Icdas Celik is a Turkish steel company involved in the production of various steel products, including coated steel. They may produce PPGI coils.

When choosing a PPGI coil manufacturer, consider factors such as product quality, certifications, production capacity, and customer reviews. The pre painted galvanized steel price changes every day. If you are looking for PPGI coil products, we advise you to place your order as soon as possible from a reliable supplier. Qinghe Steel is an industrial and trade company so that we can offer you a direct sale price. Welcome to contact us for today's price!