• November 21st 2023

What is A36 steel plate?

A36 steel plate is a low-carbon constructional steel that meets ASTM A36 standards. It has a carbon content between 0.18-0.29% and a minimum yield strength of 36,000 psi. A36 plate is widely used for structural and mechanical applications.

Top 5 applications of A36 steel plate

  1. Structural beams and columns - As a workhorse structural steel, A36 plate makes up the beams and columns in commercial buildings, bridges requiring strength and weldability.
  2. Pressure vessels - Cylindrical vessel shells, heads for low to moderate pressure storage tanks use A36 for its formability and pressure containing properties.
  3. Machinery fabrication - Components for industrial equipment, agricultural implements, off-road vehicles rely on A36 for its stiffness and cost-effectiveness.
  4. Transportation - Trailer frames, intermodal containers, bulkheads on cargo ships and barges utilize A36 for its corrosion resistance and structural integrity in marine applications.
  5. Pipelines - Casing piles and distribution piping conveying gases/liquids select A36 for joint weldability and ability to withstand pressures.

Let me know if you need any technical information, fabrication advice or suppliers recommendation for your structural or machinery applications using A36 steel plate.

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