• December 2nd 2023

ASTM A1011 is the specification standard that AISI 1040 medium carbon steel coil is produced to. Here are some key things to know about ASTM A1011:

  • ASTM A1011 covers commercial cold-rolled sheet/strip steel stock in thicknesses from .0197" to .249". This includes coil form used for stamping, cutting, and welding applications.
  • Chemical composition requirements are set for carbon content which must be between .30%-.60% for 1040. Other allowed alloying elements are also specified.
  • Mechanical property tests are described such as tensile strength, yield strength and elongation percentages the steel must meet based on thickness. For example 1040 coil .0937"-.149" thick must have a minimum 58 ksi yield strength.
  • Dimensions and tolerances are defined for thickness, width, camber, flatness and surface condition. Coils must be uniformly rolled to tight specifications.
  • Additional testing procedures are outlined for ultrasonic testing to ensure soundness, as well as check and reference samples that must be retained.

By producing our 1040 coil to ASTM A1011, customers can rely on consistent chemical makeup and mechanical attributes batch to batch. The standard allows applications like stamping to utilize 1040's strength and ductility properties with confidence.

Let me know if any part of the A1011 specification needs more details!