• December 9th 2023

The ASTM A283 Grade C specification sets the standards that all of our 1018 carbon steel plate is produced to meet. Here are some key points about A283 Grade C:

  • ASTM A283 covers low and intermediate tensile strength carbon steel plates intended for pressure vessel/tank applications requiring welding.
  • Grade C plate has a maximum carbon content of 0.25%, making it suitable for lower strength steel like 1018. Chemical compositions are tightly controlled.
  • Minimum mechanical properties are established such as a 30 ksi minimum yield strength for 1018 plate under 1/4" thick.
  • Preparation of plates, welding, inspection and nondestructive testing procedures are all outlined.
  • Dimensional tolerances for thickness and edge quality ensure uniformity plate to plate.
  • Identification and marking methods identify heat/lot numbers for traceability.

By requiring 1018 plate adhere to A283 Gr C, customers receive a consistently high quality product suitable welding and fabrication. The standard safeguards the steel composition and attributes. Let me know if you need any other details on this ASTM specification!