• December 22nd 2023

The ASTM A29 specification establishes chemical, mechanical, and manufacturing quality standards for hot-rolled carbon steel bar and shaped products. Here are some key points about ASTM A29:

  • It covers carbon steel bars in sizes up to and including 6 inches in diameter or thickness.
  • Chemical composition limits are set for carbon (0.15-0.35% for 1020) and other allowable elements.
  • Mechanical property tests like yield strength and tensile strength must be met depending on size and chemistry.
  • Billets or ingots used for bar production are tested to ensure uniform starting material.
  • Dimensions have allowable tolerances to ensure proper fit-up in applications.
  • Surface quality is addressed to limit defects that could impact performance.

Meeting ASTM A29 provides confidence that 1020 bars will have consistent chemistry, meet strength targets, and offer the durability expected in applications from general fasteners to heavy structural components. Please let me know if any part of the specification needs more explanation!