• December 4th 2023

ASTM A53 is the specification standard that 1040 carbon steel pipe is produced to meet. Some key points about ASTM A53:

  • ASTM A53 covers seamless and welded black and hot-dipped galvanized steel pipe for low pressure applications.
  • It specifies material composition limits for carbon steel pipe, most commonly Grades A or B which are suitable for 1040.
  • Dimensions, tolerances and inspections requirements are defined to ensure proper sizing and roundness of all pipe delivered.
  • Minimum yield strengths ranging from 24-35 ksi are set depending on wall thickness to guarantee adequate strength.
  • Testing standards are outlined for hydrostatic and other non-destructive tests to check for defects from the pipe making process.
  • Marking and stamping specifications are included to allow traceability of heat/batch numbers and other quality IDs.

Requiring our 1040 pipe meets ASTM A53 allows customers to rely on its consistent chemical makeup, strength properties and quality since it provides a uniform standard to adhere to across suppliers. Let me know if any part of the ASTM A53 standard needs further explanation!