• December 19th 2023

ASTM A569 is the specification standard that 1030 carbon steel plate and sheet must conform to. Here are some key details about ASTM A569:

  • It covers general requirements for carbon steel plates with thicknesses up to 4 inches suitable for structural and pressure vessel use.
  • Chemical composition limits are set for carbon content of 0.18-0.37% which includes 1030 grade at 0.28-0.33% C.
  • Minimum mechanical property thresholds are established such as yield strength that tested samples must meet based on thickness, chemistry and heat treatment.
  • Preparation, inspection and test method standards are referenced to ensure uniform quality of plates supplied by manufactures. This includes ultrasonic testing.
  • Marking guidelines indicate plate chemistry, heat number, etc should be stamped into material for traceability.

Following ASTM A569 gives fabricators confidence that 1030 plate materials will perform reliably and as expected in their applications. It provides a baseline to compare suppliers and ensure structural integrity of designs. Please let me know if you have any other questions!