• December 8th 2023

ASTM A6 is the standard specification that 1040 steel profiles are produced to meet. Here are some key details about ASTM A6:

  • A6 covers general requirements for structural shapes like angles, channels and beams made from either hot-rolled or cold-finished carbon steel.
  • Chemical composition limits are established, most commonly requiring a carbon content between 0.15-0.30% for 1040 structural profiles.
  • Minimum values for properties like yield strength and elongation are defined based on the cross-sectional shape and thickness.
  • Precise dimensional tolerances for shapes, straightness and camber are described. Surface finish standards are also set.
  • Inspection and testing procedures are outlined to ensure profiles meet ultrasonic testing for defects and hardness/strength checks.

Requiring structural profiles meet ASTM A6 gives engineers confidence that profiles will maintain consistent mechanical properties and have the proper shape and dimensions for whatever structural design application they are being used in. Let me know if any part of the standard needs further explanation!